Posted by: Collections Attorney | May 7, 2012

When Judgments Expire

Are you wondering how long a judgment lasts?

The short answer is 10 years from the date of the entry of judgment. California Code of Civil Procedure § 683.  There are some exceptions to this rule, but very few.

If 10 years is coming up, you want to make sure that you renew your judgment by filing an application for renewal with the court in which the judgment was entered. California Code of Civil Procedure § 683. 120.  You need to do this before the old judgment has its time run out.  Don’t wait for the last minute.

There is another good reason to renew your judgment: it is the only time you get to add accrued interest into the total amount of the judgment.  Interest on the judgment California is generous, 10% per year. California Civil Code § 3289.  However, the only time you get to compound the interest is when you renew the judgment.  The procedure is not terribly complex, but be sure to give yourself plenty of time or, better yet, contact us before the judgment expires.


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